1. Michele Lamy best known as wife, muse and creative accomplice of gothic-fashion purist Rick Owens. She is revered as one of the fashion industry’s true eccentrics.  In her twenties she escaped her rich provincial upbringing by leaving behind her studies as a defense attorney to striptease and other pursuits such a cabaret consort, restauranteur, designer, film-maker, philosophical protegee to the late Gilles Deleuze and so on… video links 1, 2

    "This is the only major relationship I had, so I don’t know what that means.  But I can’t imagine being with anybody else, who else could possibly be the right match.  We still have a lot of fun together, I still really look forward to having dinner with her and listening to her stories and stuff.  It’s kinda amazing…" - Rick Owens

    photography by Steven Klein

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