1. What are you saying with flowers?

    Red roses are most popular on Valentine’s Day, symbolizing true love and romance.
    Lilac roses indicate love at first sight.
    Orange roses symbolize desire
    Pink roses evokes gratitude and admiration, such as friendship
    White roses are a symbol of innocence, purity or reverence.
    Yellow roses are the preferred rose for a dear friend, symbolizing joy and friendship.

    Red and white roses in a bouquet symbolize unity (pure love and passionate love).
    Pink and white roses represent contentment.
    Yellow and orange roses together display passion.
    As for the dozen? That’s one rose for each month of the year.

    Carnations come in a variety of colors, with each one having a different meaning.
    Dark-red carnations: Deep love and affection.
    Light-red carnation: admiration
    Pink carnation:  unforgettable love
    Purple carnation: capriciousness (which means unpredictable or witty)
    White carnation: good luck or pure love
    Yellow carnation: disappointment
    Striped carnation: regret

    Blue Hyacinths: Sincerity
    Casablanca Lily (white lily): beauty, class, style and celebration.

    Chrysanthemums (mums): Truth, positivity and cheerfulness - however in France, Italy, Spain, Poland, Hungary, Croatia, China, Japan and Korea mums are used only for funerals or on graves
    Daffodils: Chivalry (when given in multiple)
    Daisies: Beauty, purity and innocence
    Freesias: Trust
    Gardenia: Joy, purity and old-fashioned, traditional love.
    Geranium: Comfort
    Gladioli: Strength of character, sincerity and moral integrity

    Globe Amaranth: Unfading love
    Gloxinias: Love at first sight
    Hibiscus: Beauty
    Irises: Compliments and also faith, inspiration and royalty.
    Lilac: Innocence
    Lily of the Valley: Completion
    Orchid: Love, luxury, strength and delicate beauty
    Pansies: Loving thoughts

    Peonies: Riches, honor and prosperity, and omen of good fortune and a happy marriage
    Pink Hyacinths: Playfulness.
    Poppies: Pleasure and imagination.
    Red Tulips: A declaration of love

    Daffodil: Misfortune (when only one is given)
    Lavender: Distrust
    Marigolds: Greed and selfishness
    Petunias: Anger
    Snapdragons: Deception
    Sweetpeas: Goodbye

    Color Meaning:
    Blue: Peace, openness, and serenity
    Pink: Grace, gentility, happiness, youth, innocence and joy
    Purple: Royalty, dignity, pride and success.
    Red: Desire, strength, passionate love, beauty, courage and heat
    White: Innocence, humility, reverence, simple beauty, modesty and elegance
    Yellow: Joy, lightheartedness, friendship, new beginnings and happiness
    Orange: Energy, enthusiasm, warmth, confidence, satisfaction and a passion for life
    Green: Health, resilience, good fortune, youth, optimism and renewal
    Lavender: Refinement, grace, elegance and feminine beauty

    photo credit: The Little Flower School Brooklyn: a teaching project by Nicolette Owen (Nicolette Camille) and Sarah Ryhanen (Saipua).  Classes are seasonally oriented and often exalt a particular flower or design concept.

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