1. Travel photography by Simon Morris (aka BurnBlue)

    • Riverman -A Fisherman Thing - Tales of the River:  A fisherman, in South China on the Li River with a Cormorant bird.
    • Camera: Nikon D700 - Lens: 28.0 - 70.0mm f/2.8 - Focal Length: 50mm - Apeture: f/2.8 - f/5.6 - Shutter speed: 1/10sec - ISO: 400

    Cormorant fishing is an age-old art spanning 1300 years,; is practiced  in China and Japan  (as well as a few other countries).  Dressed in traditional costume, the fishermen ride on small bamboo rafts lined with Cormorant birds.  On the raft, lit by a simple lamp, the Cormorant fishermen of the Li River (Lijiang River) paddle out slowly and then use a pole to encourage the birds into the water, where they dive for fish.  [1]

    The Li River stretching a course of 437 kilometers (originates in the Mao’er Mountains  in Xing’an County and flows in the general direction through Guilin, Yangshuo and Pingle. In Pingle the Li River merges with the Lipu River and the Gongcheng River and continues south as the Gui River, which fall into the Xi Jiang, the wester tributary of the Pearl River, in Wuzhou. [2]

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