1. Fashion Designer and model L’Wren Scott: January 1,1967- March 17, 2014

    For a gangly 6’4” Mormon girl growing up in Utah, finding an appropriate outfit is no easy task. But L’Wren Scott has always had a flair for fashion. The adopted child of a Mormon family, the former Luann Bambrough spent most of her teenage years poring over fashion magazines and dreaming of a career in Paris. In 1985, just after she turned 18, the frustrated future fashionista changed her name to something not quite so…regional, and set off for Paris. Since then, she’s enjoyed relatively brief, but illustrious, careers as a model, a celebrity stylist, and costume designer. Never afraid of reinvention, in 2006, Scott decided to start her eponymous fashion label, and quickly became one of the most celebrated fashion designers in the country. [2]

    • details of the tragic event via NY Daily News
    • Need help? In the U.S., call 1-800-273-8255
      National Suicide Prevention Lifeline

    Designer L’Wren Scott in her Spring 2011 collection, photographed by Victor Demarchelier and styled by fashion editor Mary Alice Stephenson.  Hair: Serge Normant - Make-up: Fulvia Farolfi - Nails: Michina Koide - Publication: Harper’s Bazaar April 2011

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    Fashion Designer and model L’Wren Scott: January 1,1967- March 17, 2014 For a gangly 6’4” Mormon girl growing up in...
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