1. Between 14th & Bedford: NY Subway Dancers (vimeo link)
    Directed, shot & edited by Mollie Mills
    Featuring “W.A.F.F.L.E” (We Are Family For Life Entertainment) dance crew: Facebook / Twitter / YouTube
    Soundtrack: Nas - N.Y. State of Mind

    "The longer I spent with them, the more I realised that they weren’t dancing as a hobby or to earn a couple of bucks but a lot of these kids actually needed the money to support either themselves or their families. A lot of them come from poorer backgrounds and areas like Crown Heights and East New York and have bonded over a mutual decision to earn money through something more positive than gang banging, drugs or stealing. What’s more is that dancing on the trains is currently illegal in the New York state. The boys told me about several friends who had been arrested for this harmless and unifying activity.  Aside from some of the more tragic back stories, the dance they’ve created and called ‘Lite Feet’ is phenomenal to watch. - These kids have created an underground community of young dancers all looking for a similar escape from reality.  As they say so appropriately at the end of each dance "Show your love and show your support". - Mollie Mills

    images:©mollie mills

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